Leaving behind 35 years in the tourism industry and building up the brand value in this process, City Tourism has managed to reflect his national strength in the international the field.

City Turizm, has always planned the right timing in tour programs so that all of the beauty of our country and the world can be seen by everyone in our society and has also always provided economic and comfortable programs and has served to tens of thousands of satisfied vacationers to this day.

City Tourism carries the experience that comes from provided services with its large service areas ranging from Service Departments to Fuel Station, Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System to Meetings and Seminar Organizations, Local and Domestic Renting Domestic and International Flight Tickets from Tour Programs to Tourism Agencies. City Turizm is still working today to please his customers in the future.

Our vision

Turizm sektöründe, benimsediği güvenilirlik, konfor, üstün hizmet kalitesi ve anlayışıyla, ülkesinde referans olma ayrıcalığını yaşamak ve daima tercih edilen, örnek alınan bir marka olmaktır.

Being a pioneer company in the tourism sector with his reliability, comfort, and with superior quality of service and to be a preferred brand in Turkey

Our mission

  • High-quality, safe, comfortable, affordable travel and continuously developing the customer satisfaction,
  • Constantly increasing the quality of service customers, employees, and business with respect for them always to provide the best
  • The industry is always being an organization that moves with a high acceleration,
  • Open innovation, technology, work in a way that is integrated with the
  • Relationship with the person current institutions and working in harmony in the current layout is always forward-looking steps,
  • To support the country’s tourism, contributed and not recognized in the world, increasing its share in the business to make it to progress.
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