As CİTY TOURISM; we invest on our employees to strengthen and increase the added value of our services in order to offer our sector with our employees to be the best experts in the field and to support development and education, and in this area we are making investments.

We offer successful and effective training programs for our employees to be the best in the business they are doing in the sector we serve.

Our Performance Appraisals and our strong career planning processes ensure that our employees are directed to the right departments where they can be successful, creating more productive and dynamic departments.

Production of the given activity and enhancing Vocational Training to our employees, as well as social responsibility and environmental awareness-building with training; their work is an integral part of occupational health and Safety Training with qualified individuals to their contributing to each area.


Quality, HEALTH And SAFETY & Environment Policy

Tureks has always been a pioneer in the establishment and implementation of its principles in Turkey.

For many years we have created our corporate relationships and customer satisfaction are our company’s business and is the leading cause of preferred.

We give our customers the best service as we promise and this will be one of the main reason for our company’s future existence.

n order for our company to survive with its pioneering identity in the sector, we need to compete in accordance with international standards.

Our Company has created and implemented the Quality, OHS & Environment Policy around the following principles;


  • Complete customer satisfaction
  • Commerce trust
  • Service quality and reliability in transportation and hygiene
  • Safe and comfortable transportation service delivery
  • Continuous education of staff
  • Continuous improvement
  • Pollution prevention
  • Total compliance with laws and regulations of the sector
  • Implementing preventive culture placement by systematically assessing risk assessments of possible hazardous situations and behaviors within all our activities
  • Adopting all staff and stakeholders as primary duty not to put their health, safety and safety in their own hands, with other staff and with the help of necessary information and trainings.
  • To protect the ecological balance during services we provide and to take all necessary measures to minimize the negative effects.
  • To carry out all education, announcement and awareness activities necessary for environmental consciousness to be adopted by all of our employees, goods and service suppliers and become a life philosophy. As an example to our competitors, our stakeholders, collectors and other businesses with our applications, we share our knowledge and experience and contribute to the wide spreading of environmental awareness.
  • Reduction of natural resource use and waste production during our activities; to prevent the pollution by carrying out necessary studies for continuous monitoring and protection of air, soil and water, to determine the types and harms of environmental effects by determining the environmental dimensions.
  • To comply with all laws and regulations related to the environment while doing our business, to act continuously to improve our environmental health performance, to identify the goals and targets and to explain the progress in this direction.