We have been pay great attention to the continuing value and responsibility that we carry while making this heat in order not to experience the sad events happening recently regarding Student and Personnel Transportation. In order to prevent these incidents, we have passed the “City School” project to fulfill all our parents’ expectations and trust.

As a pioneer in the market, we have developed a GPS system and a map program which is our own software. With this application, we can provide all our vehicles information and education documents of our drivers with the necessary documents which are required to be legally required from our users via system. We make it easier for parents and school administrators to access important information such as where and how they cruised, the time of transportation and route details.

If there is a vehicle outside the defined route for each vehicle of our company, we will be alerted instantly for the safety of our students. In such cases, the driver and the control unit communicate with each other in an emergency situation. We follow the traffic information up to date before leaving the students’ to their schools and in case of a possible traffic jam, drivers will be informed via sms to use alternative routes.

Our goal in this project is to ensure that all our children in our country receive a safe and quality service, so we hope that 2017-2018 Academic Year will be a year full of success for all of our students.

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